Jones Point Park Garden

Mission Statement

Our mission, as stewards of National Park Service property, is to provide current and future members of JPPG a sustainable, safe, collaborative community garden where all respect the land and its inhabitants, experience and learn about organic gardening techniques, expand their knowledge of plants and ecosystems, and achieve their personal gardening goals. Above all else, we strive that each gardener has a fulfilling and rewarding experience each gardening season.

Who we are

The Jones Point Park Gardens (JPPG) is a non-profit corporation overseeing community gardening on two segments of National Park Service land in Alexandria, Virginia, one to the South of the 900 block of South Lee Street and the other between the 900 blocks of South Royal and South Fairfax Streets at Green Street. JPPG is governed by a board of directors elected by member gardeners and administered on a day-to-day basis by officers elected by the board. Members conduct organic gardening for their own consumption within assigned plots and contribute to the maintenance of surrounding areas under the guidance of garden managers and the board of directors.

The gardens were founded over 50 years ago thru the diligence of Barbara Lynch, who still gardens at the Royal St Garden. In total there are over 110 gardeners today growing everything from arugula to zucchini. The gardens are 100% organic and, as stewards of National Park Service land, caretakers to the surrounding woods and wetlands.

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Jones Point Park Gardens